BlockFi Login: Do More with Your Crypto

BlockFi is a crypto platform with crypto wallets, trading platforms, rewards credit cards, and a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) for non-US customers. Unlike many crypto wallets that only store your digital currency, this unique cryptocurrency trading platform pays interest on the cryptocurrency balance you hold in an interest-bearing account. Their main feature, the BlockFi Interest Account, includes lending your cryptocurrency to institutional and corporate borrowers at high-interest rates.


This unique cryptocurrency trading platform allows you to earn interest on cryptocurrencies you own, use cryptocurrencies as collateral for loans, or trade currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and several stable coins.


  • BlockFi is a comprehensive crypto platform that allows you to easily manage your crypto assets and optimize your wallet allocation. 
  • BlockFi accounts are best for investors who own or want to buy cryptocurrencies and want to earn interest by keeping their crypto assets in one place. 
  • BlockFi is a global platform for interest-bearing accounts, crypto lending, and crypto trading. Some of the other ways BlockFi makes money include withdrawal fees, spreads on-exchange trades, creation fees for cryptocurrency-backed loans, cryptocurrency mining, sponsorship fees, and rewards for investing in other trusts.


Zac Prince, the founder, and Chief executive of BlockFi, joined Emily Chang to discuss the cryptocurrencies network’s contract to pay the Commodity futures Trading Commissioner and state authorities $100 million over allegations it illegally offered a product that pays customers high-interest rates to lend out their digital tokens.


Open the blockFI official website and follow the given instructions

  1. Once you open the official website of blockFi you need to click on the signup button which has been appeared on the screen in a yellow box
  1. After giving a click on the sign up button you had to the page where you find a display, showing to provide your legal first name, legal last name, your email ID
  1. When you get done by giving the following information correctly you need to create a password which should be a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numeric and alphabetical orders to make your password more creative and strong you can also use symbols. Why you are creating your blockFi password please make sure that it’s easy for you to remember because this is what you are going to use afterward whenever you will Blockfi login to your account
  1. When you get done by creating your password all you need to do is agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policies also they will show you that certification that you are 18+. To continue the process give a click on it
  1. You also need to agree on the SMS policy only after this you can continue to the next step
  1. You can also provide the referral code in which you will get a reward in return, if you don’t have a referral code you can simply skip it is totally optional
  1. Now click on submit and move forward
  1. Here the blockFI will ask you what is the type of your account there are two options individual and business. You can select the appropriate choice based on your requirements.
  1. Now choose your country and right your phone number then click on continue
  1. Write your date of birth, click on continue
  1. Now you will have to answer some basic questions here blockFI will ask you “what is your source of funds?” Choose your answer then click on continue


  1. The final step would be to verify your identity, begin your verification where block if I will ask your location according to your government-issued ID
  1. Then you will be passed to upload a clear picture of your government ids such as a driving license, National id, and passport
  1. Now take a selfie and then you are done
  1. The next step would be to secure your account but still, you can start reading and funding on blockfi


  1. What are the perks of a BlockFi credit card?

Earn 1.5% in cashback each month that is automatically converted into btc.

This gives you the opportunity to invest in crypto without actually investing your hard-earned cash.

  1. How safe is BlockFi?

BlockFi is owned and operated in the US and regulated by a Financial Services Company in New York.  BlockFi has been around since 2017 and is one of the pioneers in space.

  1. Is there an annual fee for the BlockFi credit card?

No! It used to be $200 but they changed that. It’s now completely FREE.

  1. How does the BlockFi Interest Account work?

All you do is move your crypto into the platform and automatically you will start to accrue interest daily.

  1. How to log in to an existing account on blockFi?
  • Go to blockFI official website
  • Click on SIGN IN button
  • Write email id and password then click on SIGN IN